Hungry Baby

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The physics games are a huge success in the market as they bring cheerful and cute themes with mind cracking gameplays. We’ve seen them climb to the top and stay there in several opportunities, big titles like Where’s my Water and Cut the rope are great examples of it. Now we bring you the opportunity to own this physics strategy game and enjoy the success as well!

On the main screen, the cute Baby awaits to start cutting some pacifier! In this screen the player can find the sound and music control buttons, a rate us button and the play button. When touching the play button the player is redirected to the levels screen where he will be able to play 100 different levels!! Each level the player passes unlocks the next, the player also has the possibility to turn back to the already passed levels to hit the three stars records.

The pacifier is hanging by ropes and the player need to cut them using physics intuition in order to make it drop on the Baby ’s mouth and at the same time grabbing all . As the player advance, the level get more and more difficult, having to use strategy in order to succeed!

Hungry Baby

  • Completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full map, full animation.

  • Animated GUIs

  • Level selector

  • Admob integrated

  • Facebook integrated

  • Google Analytics integrated.


 Easy to reskin

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