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Powerful medical app. Just embody in-purchase & start to earn a lot.

This app has no counterparts. It's based on real medical gadget, which awakes user (in 3 ways), when "hears" snore. Read the description for details.

To start to earn, you need to implement in-purchase and sell all the features separately: to allow vibration - 1$, to allow all 3 stimulus at the same time - 1$, choosing sound - 1$. Long story short, leave free only basic features and sell the others. Or distribute it as demo, where full features will be limited after 1 week.

Also you can add admob and earn on ads or locking ads.

Also you may redesign the app, b/c it has default UI.

The engine itself is just fine, but sometimes users say, that sound scale sometimes get stuck within the first activation on certain phones. Users need to close the app, reload the phone and open the app again. Fix it.

Text me if you want to buy the app with transfer. I'm changing field of activity and sell all 30 apps, which I designed in 4 years. Check all my listings.

No Snore code

1. Source code, designed in Eclipse.

2. Instruction for easy import in Eclipse and reskin.

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